The partners


HIVINNOV (Grant n°305137) is a collaborative research project supported by the European Union

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

The HIVinnov consoritum benefits from the insights and advices of three professional of excellence whose complementary expertise is an asset to the project.



Dr Sue Pavitt (PhD) (University of Leeds, UK) is Reader in pplied Health research and Deputy Institute Lead for Research at the Leeds Institute of HEalth Sciences (LIHS). As disionnal Director of the Clinical Trials research Unit, University of LEeds, she is expert in clinical trials and well-aware of patient's involvment in European research. Dr Sur Pavitt's research interests are in Applied Health Research designed to improve treatment and care for patient. In addition to her clinical trial expertise, Dr Pavitt will represent patient associations in the SAB


Dr. Pavitt’s website:  


Dr. Xavier Carné (MD, PhD) is the head of the Clinical Pharmacology Service at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona and Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Barcelona. This unit is totally independent from the Infectious Diseases Unit (Partner 6 in the Consortium). Dr. Carné has been involved in the organization, supervision and ethical issues related with clinical trials from phase I in healthy volunteers to post-marketing phase IV trials. He has served as adviser for the Spanish Medicines Agency and for the EMA during several periods. Moreover he is currently the president of the Research Ethics Committee at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona.


Dr. Jean-François Mouscadet (PhD), Paris, France; former Research Director at CNRS, Head of the UMR8113 research unit, Deputy Scientific Director of Life Sciences Department of CNRS, internationally recognized expert in HIV integrase and development of IN inhibitors, currently holds the position of R&D Manager Food Science Division at Biorad France.