The partners


HIVINNOV (Grant n°305137) is a collaborative research project supported by the European Union

The Participants

The HIVinnov consortium brings together 1 SME company, 5 academic teams and 1 clinical center from : France, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Spain.


The coordinator Dr. Richard Benarous, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of the SME BIODIM, Dr. Peter Cherepanov (Cancer Research UK), Dr. Ariberto Fassati (UCL), and Dr. Stephane Emiliani (Inserm) have been instrumental, together with other laboratories, in the discovery of the cellular cofactors investigated in HIVINNOV, and the elucidation of their structure and function. Dr. Ben Berkhout (AMC) and Dr. Jose Gatell (Fundacio Hospital Clinic) will bring to the consortium their fundamental expertise for in vivo drug validation in a sophisticated humanized mouse model of HIV infection (NSG-HIS mice) and in clinical trials of ARV compounds respectively.


Dr. Alessia Zamborlini will bring her expertise in the sumoylation pathway interfering with integrase.